Gestin Activa de Inversiones de Capital Privado

Fotowatio Renowable Ventures
QEP is an investor oriented fund management company. Its goal is to achieve above-market returns across various asset classes. QEPs asset management team includes professionals with backgrounds in industry, private equity, investment banking and consulting.
QEP currently focuses on the areas of fund of funds, growth capital and renewable energy.

QEP adds value to its investments through active management of portfolio companies. We are involved in all key strategic decisions and their implementation at the company level. QEPs goal is to become a leader in alternative investments.
  • Business lines

  • Qualitas Fund of Funds
  • Qualitas Energy
  • Qualitas Growth Capital
  • Calle Jenner 3, Planta 4. 28010 Madrid - Spain
  • Tel: +34 91 4238350
  • Fax: +34 91 4238275