Qualitas Value-Added

Value Added by Qualitas to the European Private Equity teams with whom we invest:

  • Diversification through access to Spanish and American investors with little presence heretofore in European Mid Market private equity funds.
  • Long-term investor stability thanks to the solid Qualitas investor base, consisting primarily of funds from institutional investors (pension and insurance companies).
  • Direct investment experience of the Qualitas team in Spanish private equity, growth capital and renewable energy.
  • Relatively small fund size with small minimum investment means Qualitas investment will not upset scarce existing allocations.

Value added for investors in Qualitas Fund of Funds

  • Deep experience of successful investing in the Mid Market.
  • Identification of the best European Mid Market private equity funds which are less well-known than larger pan-European and global private equity funds.
  • Privileged access to these top private equity funds with a fund that provides clear value-added to European private equity General Partners.
  • Minimum extra layer of commissions and “J Curve” effect for investors due to the particular design of the Fund (smaller annual or semi-annual fund vintages which are invested more quickly than larger funds, investment in underlying funds with current yield and with quick exits, co-investments, secondary operations)
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