Vintae is a wine-making company dedicated to the production and marketing of wines with Designation of Origin (D.O.). Their headquarters are based in La Rioja, where they have a winery (Bodega Classica), that has an annual production capacity of 4 million bottles.

Vintae has a large portfolio of wines from 15 different D.O. The company does this by subcontracting idle capacity of wineries from different D.O. around Spain, and uses this spare space to produce and label its own wines.

Since the current management team joined Vintae, the company has followed a differentiated business model based on four factors:
» “Asset-light" structure characterized by subcontracting the idle capacity of other winaries around Spain.
» Flexibility and speed to identify new trends and shorten the time to market of new products ("pull" approach).
» Strengthen its commercial push and exporting capacity.
» Wide range of products, by continuously innovating and launching new ones with renewed messages and differentiated aesthetics.


Investment Thesis:The development of a unique and innovative business model in the production, distribution and marketing of wines.

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  • Tel: +34 91 4238350
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